Hazel hurdles are a traditional and very popular and attractive alternative to garden panels or garden screens and wind breaks.

Wattle Hurdles

Our premium wattle hazel hurdle panels are made from a mixture of cleft and round hazel. Our hazel is sourced from local Surrey and Sussex woodlands managed sustainably on a long term basis.

They make excellent garden screens and windbreaks. Hurdle panels are 6′ in width and usually 3′, 4′, 5′ or 6′ in height.

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Hazel Edging Hurdles

Our premium hazel edging hurdles are woven from natural English hazel to a traditional pattern. All of our hazel comes from English Native Woodland and the edging brings a part of the countryside into your garden.

Apart from the natural beauty of hurdle edgings around your lawn one of the key benefits is that it eliminates the need for constant lawn edge trimming.

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Continuous Weave Hazel Hurdles

Continuous weave hazel hurdles are bespoke and unique for every customer and are normally built in-situ and normally in one piece. With this method it is possible to follow a curving line without any severe angles ruining the appearance of the hurdle. It can also be used in straight lines giving a beautiful unbroken look or to follow undulating ground or boundaries. Supporting posts are built-into the continuous weave and are not clearly visible.

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What our customers say


Steve Edwards, Brighton

I have to confess our hazel hurdles are the best purchase I have made for our garden. The hide our hidous oil tank and it now looks so lovely.”

Sue Brewine

Gavin was recommended to me as a quality craftsman, of which there are too few left. I was very pleased with the quality of my hurdles and it was so nice that they were hand made.” 

Jimmy Smith, Horsham

It was such a pleasure to have Gavin create the edging hurdles I bought last year. I put them around my vegetable garden it set it off beautifully.”

Dogs helping making hazel hurdles

Ted and Roly

Ted and Roly can always be seen helping while I am making our traditional, premium hazel hurdes although as you can see on wet days they are more interested in the mud instead of the hurdles.

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