About Gavin

Gavin McCourt English Hazel Hurdles

About Gavin

I have been making the highest quality English hazel hurdles at Leith Hill in Surrey for nearly 30 years. I was taught the traditional hurdle making skills by Bill Thomson a local woodsman and hurdle maker and we worked together until his death in 2002.


Premium English Hazel Hurdles

I have an absolute passion for producing the highest quality hurdles which are sold throughout the country and can be seen in many National Trust and English Heritage properties as well as individual gardens.

Gavin at English Hurdle

I source all my materials from local Surrey and Sussex woodlands managed sustainably on a long term basis to preserve our landscape heritage and to conserve our natural wildlife.

I specialise in making three types of products wattle hurdle panels,  continuous wattle hurdles and wattle hurdle edging.

Wattle Hurdle Making2

While I am out making our traditional hazel hurdes I am always helped by my two Springer Spaniels Ted and Roly. We are often joined by other animals including robins, pheasants, squirrels and deer which always makes my day.


The dogs helping making hazel hurdle Hurdle making being watched by a robin


Wattle Hurdle Panels

Using coppiced hazel our premium wattle hazel hurdle panels are traditionally made in 6’ hazel panels, although as we custom make each order we are able to produce an size required. Hazel hurdles, once in position blend into the landscape and provide a windbreak, support for climbing plants and shade in the garden. Check out the details of our highest quality Wattle Hurdle Panels.

English Hurdles

Continuous Wattle Hurdles

Continuous weave fencing is another form of wattle fencing. Our continuous weave hazel hurdles are bespoke and unique for every customer and are normally built in-situ and normally in one piece. This kind of woven fencing is particularly suited to awkward, undulating sites where square panels don’t quite fit. Check out the details of our Continuous Wattle Hurdles.


Wattle Hurdle Edging Panels

Our hazel edging hurdles will enhance your borders, garden edging, garden pathways and driveways. These can be created to any bespoke length and height that fits your garden. Check out the details of our highest quality Wattle Hurdle Edging Panels.