Continuous Weave

Continuous Weave Hazel Hurdles

Continuous weave hazel hurdles are bespoke and unique for every customer and are normally built in-situ and normally in one piece. With this method it is possible to follow a curving line without any severe angles ruining the appearance of the hurdle. It can also be used in straight lines giving a beautiful unbroken look or to follow undulating ground or boundaries. Supporting posts are built-into the continuous weave and are not clearly visible.

Continual Weave Hazel Hurdle

The continuous weave hazel hurdles are robust and hard wearing and are available in any lengths and are normally 6ft high and are often used to hide oil tanks, garages or as a windbreak.


When discussing continuous weave hazel hurdles everyones needs are unique and for this reason we quote for each customer separately.  Please give me a call on 07717 222272.