Premium Wattle Hurdles

Premium Wattle Hurdles

Our premium wattle hurdles are made from locally coppiced hazel. Our hazel is sourced from local Surrey and Sussex woodlands managed sustainably on a long term basis.

They make excellent garden screens and windbreaks. Hurdle panels are 6′ in width and usually 3′, 4′, 5′ or 6′ in height.

Premium Wattle Hurdles

Our wattle panels are manufactured from West Sussex coppiced woodland, thereby encouraging regeneration of the woodland for the future.

All of our premium hazel panels are bespokely made by for each customer. Our most common sizes of hazel hurdles are:

6ft wide by 3ft high
6ft wide by 4ft high
6ft wide by 5ft high
6ft wide by 6ft high


The hurdles you see in many garden centre are from Eastern Europe, and are made from round rods or sawn rods while they are very cheap they are a false economy, as they do not last.

If you require any bespoke sizes please do contact me on 07717 222272.